Quarterly Update: Dishonored shipped! YOU is in copy edit! Other stuff!

People have been mocking my web site, and with some justice. I’m someone who works on various projects simultaneously, and there should be a way of knowing what they all are and what’s happening with them. At the moment my site doesn’t pass even that basic test.

DISHONORED came out in October. It’s a game from Arkane Studios, which I did some writing for, although it was very much a communal effort. Thus, I can say that it came out pretty great. It’s on PC, PS3, XBox 360. It’s an immersive, sandbox-y, narrative game, probably most comparable to the Bioshock games. It’s dark, beautifully made, and hands you unsettling choices. It’s also – I should say – rated M for Mature, and it should be – strong language, violence, sexual situations. You are an assassin who talks to the devil in an 18th-century steampunk city under martial law afflicted by a deadly plague, so shit gets pretty real.

YOU: a novel. Done and in copyedit. I was at New York Comic Con in October to talk about it and rant about video games, which I look forward to doing a lot more of.

Other Stuff: I have a story in the anthology Under the Moons of Mars, edited by John Joseph Adams, which came out earlier this year. It’s called “River Gods of Mars.” It’s set in an alternate universe where I write in Edgar Rice Burroughs’s prose style.

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